Date Updated: August 1, 2022

PennyWorks Notes

PennyWorks offers investors the opportunity to increase yields through the use of Notes.


The PennyWorks Notes (promissory notes issued by HybridFi Lending LLC) pay interest daily and have no lock-up periods. You can redeem the Notes for USD at any time. The funds are used to generate yield in digital asset lending platforms.


How To Invest

  1. Create a PennyWorks account
  2. Verify accreditation
  3. Send funds
  4. Watch your investments grow

Frequently asked questions

How often do I get paid?

The interest paid is added to your existing balance daily, and you begin earning interest immediately. Effectively you get daily compounded interest.

How does my investment generate income?

The funds are used to make collateralized loans backed by digital assets. The yields on such lending protocols vary daily, and we may change the yields offered on the Notes as market conditions change. For more details on the mechanics of digital-asset lending, please see the PennyWorks Spec Sheet.

We aim to be transparent about where the funds are placed. See our Investment Methodology to get an overview of the vetted protocols we use.

The Notes carry risk since they are not FDIC insured and are placed on decentralized lending protocols to generate income. For a detailed description of the risks, please log into your PennyWorks account to access the Private Placement Memorandum regarding the Notes.

When can I redeem the Notes for cash?

You can redeem the Notes at any time and have options to receive the funds via ACH or WIRE. You can find more information about funding options and redemption options in our FAQs.

1 We charge no management fees and there are no redemption fees via ACH. We offer wire transfers for an added charge. Please note that our fees do not include any potential charge applied by the receiving banks.

2 To view a full APY breakdown, please view our Rates.

3 Request your funds back anytime with no lock-up periods.

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