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We built what
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With decades of experience in senior executive positions within the finance industry, our team is on a mission to create a better investing experience.

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About us

Founded in 2021, PennyWorks is a high-yield, DeFi-based investing platform that revolutionizes traditional financial products through reliable digital asset strategies.

For the sophisticated investor who believes their financial relationship ought to deliver more, we tame the turbulence of investing with a secure and stable experience.


The advances in digital asset technology can empower all investors to have more options to grow their wealth. Armed with this mission, Ivan and Karol set out to create something new.

Ivan Zhang

CEO & Co-Founder

Ivan Zhang brings over a decade of experience in the financial services industry in portfolio management and fixed-income derivatives trading to his leadership role at PennyWorks. Zhang previously served as the Head of Delta Execution for FICC Options at DRW Holdings, LLC and was a Senior Portfolio Manager reporting to the Chief Investment Officer at Bank of America.

Karol Przybytkowski

CTO & Co-Founder

Karol Przybytkowski has over a decade of experience in leadership roles focusing on risk management. Before founding PennyWorks, he served as a Senior Quant Researcher for FICC Options at DRW Holdings, LLC and led a quant team in risk management at Bank of America. Alongside his PennyWorks co-founder, Karol also co-founded mining company Blockchain Systems LLC in 2016.


Our advisors come from leadership positions inside top institutions with proven track records of growth.

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