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Completely Done-For-You Digital Asset Bookkeeping across all platforms.

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Crypto Accounting Headache?

Get the benefits of automated tagging and expert validation, without the headache.

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  • Automated tagging of transactions improves consistency and reduces errors.

  • Easily auditable journals link to the source of each transaction.

  • Various checks are conducted on each transaction and overall to spot any issues.

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  • Detailed transaction tagging across chains, protocols, wallets and chart of accounts.

  • Reconciliation with archival nodes ensures data integrity.

  • Optional support for IRS reg 88 FR 59576 tax lot tracking.

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  • Led by DeFi veterans with a strong track record.

  • Tailor-made software for handling intricate DeFi scenarios.

  • Capable of managing diverse chains, integrations, and custom smart contracts.

About us

Established in 2021, PennyWorks was founded by professionals with decades of expertise in traditional finance, investment management, and crypto investing.
Our comprehensive digital asset bookkeeping platform was built to serve the demanding needs of our DeFi fund. We are now offering it to the broader public.

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It’s easy and hassle-free

Effortless digital asset bookkeeping: Let us handle it for you

What's Included

Full account journals
Capital gains and open lots
Asset flows
Income statement
Balance sheet

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a software product or a service?

We offer a service. We will do catch up bookkeeping for all your prior activity, and will deliver completed books on a regular basis. 

What do you need to get started?

We need a complete list of wallet addresses and exchange statements/API keys.

How much does it cost?

We are often more cost-effective than purchasing standalone software and hiring a bookkeeper since we automate most of the work. You get the efficiency of automation and the expertise of seasoned practitioners at a fraction of the cost.

What chains and integrations do you support?

We specialize in bespoke needs and are happy to provide a quote to support any chain or integration.

Clear, comprehensive, complete records for all your crypto activity

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